Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ApacheCon Day 0

My headache *still* won't go away.

Several sessions today; some good, some not. I found Dave Johnson's talk on Roller pretty informative, and Greg Stein's talk on open source licensing was gratifying (although it was pointed out that he knew 3/4 of the people in the room and he was shamelessly preaching to the choir). Talking to him afterward, it seems that he doesn't know of anybody other than me who does both FSF and ASF. I've gone into this stupid schism before, but it still surprises me that I'm mostly alone on talking about how important it is for the two largest free software communities to find more common ground. How is it not obvious to other people, especially the ones smarter than me?

Other random highlights: chatting up someone in French, shocking them; the keysigning party, which attracted way more photographers than I was expecting (i.e., a number greater than 0); several enjoyable and informative chats with Google people; taking a close look at Abdera; Doc Searls' interesting and amusing keynote. I'm glad that some other people try to inject humor and entertainment into powerpoints, which are man's latest and most promising result in the search for something to bore others to death.

In between sessions, Bjorn and I are going to sneak off to the aquarium, which I've heard is something I need to see. Apparently whale sharks are cool.

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David Welton said...

I'm not part of the FSF, but I've always argued against getting religious about licensing. Interoperability is good, and I think that there are appropriate uses for both BSD style and GPL style licenses in the world.