Monday, November 12, 2007

ApacheCon Day -2 (Hackathon Day 0)

First time at ApacheCon, and things are getting off to a quieter start than I'd expected. I had Apache nerds pegged as a tamer, calmer sort than IT or video game nerds (the stories about the E3 Tecmo parties have sent many a frantic fundie running off in terror), and the day in the Peachtree Ballroom was all business.

I don't recognize half of the people here. Most of them seem to know each other, and as the day slipped into night (POETRY, IT IS), the conversations got a little more animated and for some reason turned to economic policy. I kept my mouth shut for most of the time, figuring that I had enough opportunities to look like a dolt this week and that there was no need to burn through all of them on the first day.

I'm happy to say that much productive work was done; I updated several Validator issues and then Henri, Bjorn and I powered through the 2.4 outstanding issues. Benevolent soul that he is, Henri pulled down ten enhancements from 3.0 that he thought made sense for 2.4, and we spent most of the night going through those. It's a pile of work, and I'm proud of it, even though my contributions were mostly limited to formatting patches and giving a +1 rubber stamp to Henri's mad committer antics.

The trip has not agreed with me; I feel bleary and sick in my stomach. I haven't eaten poorly unless you count some disappointing Merlot the fine folks at devzuz were kind enough to provide us. Hopefully I'll get some good sleep tonight, have another awesome Southern breakfast, and then squeeze the sponge for a few more drips of Open Source commitment.

Seriously, I'm glad I'm here. I think the best is coming.

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