Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Aperture Science

We do what we must
Because we can.

Um. Sorry. Anyway, past time to mention Portal.

There's really not much I can say beyond how awesome it is. You've heard that from others by now, but I'll just add my insignificant voice to the chorus.

Bad points:

  • Too short. Your first runthrough (there will be others) takes maybe three to four hours. Once you know the puzzles, you can speedrun the thing in maybe an hour. MOAR.
  • Too easy. The extra puzzles you unlock after beating the main game are pretty hardcore, and the developer commentary (a feature that should be in EVERY game) explains that Valve were terrified of confusing the hell out of players; they were, after all, breaking new gameplay ground. Hopefully the deliriously joyful response will encourage them to take more risks.
Good points:
  • Genuinely clever and funny.
  • Addictive and really hard to stop playing.
  • Simple yet pleasing art and level design.
  • An honest attempt at something new.
  • Jonathan Coulton.
  • Voice acting -- Ellen McLain does an amazing job.
  • A bargain at $20.
Basically, if you haven't played it, shell out the $20 for it and enjoy the hell out of it.

Rating: ***** (5/5); if I can't give five stars for an experiment in new gaming that succeeds beyond all expectations, I should just stop playing games entirely.


roue said...

Where can you buy it for $20? I thought it only came with the $60 orange box bundle.

Ben said...

On PC you can buy it over Steam for $20. On Xbox, you're stuck with the Orange Box. But it's totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

it was a an excellent game, beat it in 1.5hrs.